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A few things that I discuss during my pre-shoot consultations are Location, Clothing, Timing & of course how do we keep the kids engaged and smiling!

A few tips to make your day and mine a lot smoother are:

Food….make sure your family has a full tummy. No one will be happy if they are starving. Also please bring some little non messy snacks for the little ones. Even a few little goldfish crackers can cheer up a cranky toddler.

Clothing….Please do not feel like everyone has to be “matchy, matchy”. Complement each other with clothing and colors that work well together. These days there are so many resources to find outfits that look great in pictures. Pinterest is a wonderful site to find outfit choices. Also bright neon colors are a huge no, no. The colors tend to be electric and reflect on to faces and skin.

Location….I cannot stress this enough…yes a beautiful landscape can add to your photos but some of my favorite sessions have been in the families own backyards. Before deciding on your location take a look around and see what’s right in front of you!

Timing….I love shooting later in the day…the sun is coming down and the light is just perfect. Sometimes this does not work, so early morning works ok too. The noon hour is something photographers like to stay away from. The light is harsh and shadows are everywhere.